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Cecily Knobler: Live From Hollywood

Mountain West Beer Fest
Charlie Puth 'Quizzed' On 'Friends' Trivia By Courteney Cox

Charlie Puth had his Friends knowledge put to the test with in an epic trivia game with none other than Monica Gellar herself, Courteney Cox.

Settled on a replica of the iconic orange couch, Puth was quizzed in three rounds of trivia about the beloved ‘90s sitcom.

Billboard.com's new feature, Quizzed, features music stars being asked trivia questions about their favorite TV shows by the stars of those shows. In the new episode, Courteney grills Charlie on Friends trivia. She starts by asking Charlie true or false questions, then moves on to more specific questions, such as, "When Ross and Rachel were on a break, Ross spent the night with Chloe. Where does Chloe work?"

In the final round, Charlie has to identify which character said specific quotes from the show.

While Charlie didn't get every question correct, he did well enough that Courteney presented him with the ultimate Friends memento: The Geller Cup, which she says she's kept next to her bed ever since the show wrapped.

Charlie started crying at the sight of the memento, which is actually "a Troll doll nailed to a two-by-four," as Chandler once put it.

After the game was over, Charlie serenaded Courteney with the Friends theme song. According to a spokesperson for Quizzed, after the shoot, Courteney told Charlie, "We should hang out sometime."

Cody Simpson Releases Miley Cyrus-Inspired Single 'Golden Thing'

Cody Simpson has released "Golden Thing," the song he wrote about his girlfriend Miley Cyrus.

Bits of Miley appears on the single artwork, including her hair, her neck, with several gold chains around it, and part of her chest.

Earlier this week, Miley shared a snippet of the song on her Instagram Story.

The Aussie singer/songwriter serenaded Miley with the song while she was recovering from tonsillitis surgery and Miley insisted that he release it.

"She was like, ‘If you don't put this s*** out, I'm putting it out on your behalf for you. I'm getting your Spotify login and doing this s*** myself'," Cody told People magazine.


Rural Sturgis Ambulance Group prepares to circulate petitions
STURGIS, S.D. – The Rural Sturgis Ambulance Group says they have petitions ready to circulate. The group met Friday and received the petition along with instructions. The petition follows a decision earlier this month by the group to begin the process of setting up an amb...
October 19, 2019

County auditor arrested for violating meetings law
SHELBY, S.D. - A county auditor in South Dakota accused of violating the state's open meetings law has been arrested. State's Attorney James Hare issued a warrant for the arrest of Walworth County Auditor Rebecca Krein last week after he received a complaint that she failed to ...
October 18, 2019

Pipeline developer launches website on proposed expansion
BISMARCK, N.D. - A Wyoming company is seeking permits and landowner permission to expand its pipeline network to carry crude from that state and North Dakota to a hub in Oklahoma. The Bismarck Tribune reports Casper-based Bridger Pipeline LLC launched a website this week with in...
October 18, 2019

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